Automotive connectivity FEM

Existing FEM for mobile applications are nowadays not satisfactory for the automotive application, limiting the functionality and requiring costly installation procedure, a breakthrough is required on the robustness. The activity will therefore focus on the development of RF Front-End Modules for V2N communication at 3.5 GHz and V2V/I communication at 5.9 GHz and will be exploited in the V2X demonstrators. One of the key challenges, which need to be addressed, is the robustness to the challenging automotive requirements and especially to the high temperature range. For that purpose, RF SOI technology from STMicroelectronics technology will be exploited and advanced architecture will be optimised to extend the performances beyond the state of the art.

The main activities are listed below:

  • Tape-out of RFIC sub-blocks with 65RFSOI MPW by sub-blocks owner
  • Validation of RFIC sub-blocks performance in lab by sub-blocks owner
  • Tape-out of integrated FEM and transceiver RFIC 65RFSOI MPW
  • Validation of system ready in lab